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when someone makes a joke about one of ur insecurities


E - Elder Dragon (credits: concept art by Kekai Kotaki, Levi Hopkins, Naomi Baker, Daniel Dociu, Hyojin Ahn, Richard Anderson, Jaime Jones, Thomas Choles, among others. All editting done by me.)

The Elder Dragons are great magical beasts that have rose throughout history with one purpose. To consume all. These creatures devour magic. Some corrupt all those they touch, where others simply build minions to kill. Though described as Forces of Nature, they are capable of using their thralls to taunt and demean their foes, to manipulate their puppets into terrible acts. They receive all knowledge possessed by those who have fallen beneath their claws.

Primordus, the first to rise in fiery chaos. The Dragon of the Deep, a dark mystery to all but a few. Jormag, the icy terror of the north. Zhaitan, the undead lord of Arah. Kralkatorrik, the branded hurricane. Mordremoth, the entangling vine. Of these six only one has fallen.

But as said by Marshal Trahearne of the Pact, the Dragons are not stars in the sky. They can be counted. They can be killed.

And they will be.

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